New cameras will detect drivers breaking the law

AI is not only going to be a massive part of all of our childrens lives – it is already a big part of ours! As part of the Brit European Transport Group, BOS Logistica is always striving to be at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to our vehicles and even our […]

Announcement – Acquisition by BOS Logistica of Richard Long Transport Limited

Brit European Transport is proud to announce the acquisition of Richard Long Transport Limited by BOS Logistica, effective from Monday 23rd October 2023. This acquisition is a significant step in the development of the Group, and our aim of having three strong core companies (one of which being BOS Logistica). Richard Long Transport was a well-established […]

Modular buildings – time to stick or twist?

Modular housing is well established in countries such as Japan (where around 15% of new housing construction is prefabricated).  However as reported by the Guardian in April 2023, the industry in the UK is only starting to get going, and is still largely loss making. As recently as June 2023, London house builder Berkeley Group […]

BOS Logistica – The Experts in Built Off Site (BOS) Logistics – latest news

August 2023 Some great news for BOS Logistica this week – we (as part of the Brit European Group) have successfully renewed one of the current contracts that we operate – bringing agricultural machines into the UK & EIRE from Zeebrugge and delivering to CNHi dealers. This is a new 2-year deal running from 1/8/23 […]

BOS Logistica – The Experts in Built Off Site (BOS) Logistics – case study

June 2023 Although society is diverse and opinions rarely gain unanimity, there are a few things that most people can agree on.  Of the many issues that face this country moving forwards, a property shortage and the importance of our health and education sectors are things that are hard to dispute. Modular buildings have started […]

Meet the Boss – a chat with Graham Lackey, CEO of Brit European Transport

Ever wanted to know what inspires the inspiring?  What makes our industry leaders get out of bed in the morning?  From “Carex” to Car transporters; from an innovative green operating centre to identifying trends before they happen; from technical advancement to Top Gun; Brit European client eStar Truck and Van Limited had the opportunity to […]


The UK’s first all-electric ready-mix concrete mixer has successfully completed a three-month trial of commercial deliveries across Birmingham for Tarmac, marking a significant step on the path to net zero construction. The ‘e-mixer’, created in partnership with Renault Trucks and TVS Interfleet, is the first of its kind to operate anywhere in the UK with […]

The dangers of Britain’s smart motorways are finally flagged up by safety experts

Report reveals what truck drivers have beensaying for ages. Trevor Gehlcken reports Nearly 40 people have been killed on them since they were launched in 2014 and problems with the technology that is supposed to alert drivers when a lane ahead is blocked doesn’t always work in time to avoid disaster. These problems and others […]

The answer to the UK housing crisis?

Resembling a giant toymaker’s workshop, 16 identical wooden boxes that stand 2.6 metres tall are lined up in a row in a factory near Leeds. Each year the factory manufactures hundreds of apartments and houses, with one to three bedrooms, which leave the premises on lorries fully kitted out. The factory is run by one […]