BOS Logistica – The Experts in Built Off Site (BOS) Logistics – case study

June 2023

Although society is diverse and opinions rarely gain unanimity, there are a few things that most people can agree on.  Of the many issues that face this country moving forwards, a property shortage and the importance of our health and education sectors are things that are hard to dispute.

Modular buildings have started to come more and more to the fore in recent years – the importance of being able to create safe, secure buildings quickly and efficiently – while minimising any carbon footprint – is not lost on anyone.

And this is where BOS Logistica is leading the way to drive the modular industry forward.  Creating more modular units and embracing modern construction projects is good progress – but you still need an expert to get them from A to B.

Previously we have been proud to work with our client Darwin Group and win the Healthcare Project of the Year award, building three Nightingale wards for hospitals in Wigan, Barnet and Wolverhampton.

But while awards are always nice, BOS Logistica understands the importance of moving forwards.  Our  latest project took place this week, the start of June 2023, involving the education sector.

We have been working with our client Wernick Buildings, who we have been with for over 3 years as one of three primary transport partners – covering multiple projects throughout the UK.  These have mainly been for the education and healthcare sectors.

The pictures show delivery of 20 modules for the new Food Hall/Canteen at Congleton High School over a 2-day period.  This is the second such project we’ve delivered recently, alongside a delivery of 28 modular classrooms over 3 days.

Each module is 9.6 x 3.2 x 3.9 metres – and with them being transported from Wernick’s manufacturing site in Kenfig, South Wales, it’s clear why they use BOS Logistica to get the job done!


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