EU Policy: Lawmakers at odds over agreed single transport emission tally

At BOS Logistica we keep a keen eye on EU laws and legislation – with nearly 100 years of Group experience in logistics and transport we appreciate the importance of maintaining a global vision. Post BREXIT the wheels of the EU still turn, and have a major impact on the European Construction Industry and UK contracters working in Europe.

Working with offsite construction and the transportation of abnormal loads in Europe, it is crucial that ourselves and our clients keep up to speed with the latest developments.

As part of the Brit European Transport Group, we are also at the forefront of “green” issues (read more about the industry leading Vita Nova Centre here:)

A recent article from Europe caught our attention.

You can read the full article here 

But to summarise – it has been agreed that all transport companies working
in the EU should state the emission levels from their vehicles in the same way,
or based on a single formula.

Unfortunately, the main stumbling block appears to be how the formula should be

In brief – one side of the debate says that emission reports should include
the entire production cycle of a vehicle – not just the emissions from the fuel
tank. This would dispel the notion that electric vehicles are
“zero-emission” as emissions from production and recycling would be
taken into account.

However, the US and China have advocated against this, leaving the EU to fear a competitive disadvantage – electric vehicles in the EU cost on average 40% more to produce due to materials being sourced in a more enviromentally friendly way.

No doubt this debate will keep rolling forward, and BOS Logistica will keep our followers, clients and partners updated as we receive further updates!


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